Keynotes, Seminars & Workshops

Owning Your Brilliance With Authentic Impact

In this motivational presentation you will learn how to be in the moment when you show up and to speak with your own authentic voice to make an impact.

Showcasing your personal brilliance allows you to discover the best version of yourself and to ask yourself …”Are you living each day as your best self?” When you are at your best self you embrace your authenticity, acknowledge what is holding you back, and breakthrough to live a passionate life to the fullest, forever.

Learn How To:

  • Build trust and make an authentic impact on the world
  • Uncover your personal best and increase your confidence
  • Become more empowered to make the invisible …visible
  • Discover and truly see your brilliance showing up every day

How to Become an Impactful Leader That Empowers Your Team to Brilliance

In this impactful presentation you will learn how to become a brilliant leader to empower your team to a much higher level of success. Today, the world of work has become incredibly demanding, and always on the edge of dramatic and innovative change…leaders need to learn how to change too.

Learn how to factor in these changes and adapt to what a company demands when it comes to impacting your team to brilliance. To gain respect and be trusted, leaders must learn how to become adaptable as they stand for the company’s principles. Brilliant leaders collaborate and learn how to remain open, approachable and honest to empower their team.

Discover how to lead your team to brilliance by discovering and embracing their strengths. Learn how to set interesting goals with purpose and passion that are both achievable and tangible.

Learn How To:

  • Communicate and listen more effectively
  • Ignite your team by using the skill sets and talents at full capacity
  • Allow your team to shine by personally ‘seeing’ into each person
  • Create team synergy, mindset connections and positive attitudes
  • Create results for more productivity and personal ownership
  • Monitor progress and understand each team member’s personal contribution to the overall business, as well as developing them personally.

How to Develop a Brilliance Company Culture

In this inspiring presentation you will discover how to create a successful company culture using the Brilliance Formula™. Kevin works with you and your team to identify how your organization can create meaningful change to achieve peak potential.

Discover how your company culture affects performance and uncover the secrets to making your company culture a competitive advantage. Cultivate new behaviors and beliefs (not rules) to empower your team to more success.

Employee engagement is the result of healthy workplace culture where your team reaches a new level of connection and commitment. Create a Brilliance Company Culture where all leaders empower their employees to act and communicate with transparency and create a unique social environment for productivity, growth and profits.

Learn How To:

  • Align teams with the company’s mission, vision and values
  • Achieve individual understanding of their own goals and growth
  • Create benefits within your organization from learned behaviors
  • Focus on brilliance everyday to create a Brilliance Movement
  • Develop consistency that stays in place throughout your organization
  • Invest in employee engagement to yield high returns for better retention, greater productivity and greater accountability