Meet Kevin Goins
The Brilliance Leadership Expert
Motivational Speaker & Leadership Consultant


Kevin Goins’ presentations are inspiring and thought-provoking. They are designed to enhance leadership and personal development by harnessing one’s unique brilliance through up-leveling a mindset shift and influential communication.

Kevin is currently an affiliate speaking coach with Lisa Nichols, who was featured as a co-author of the world-renowned book ‘The Secret’. He coaches business owners how to increase their mindset and language to be impactful, influential and authentic in order to produce powerful results.

Kevin started his career as a pharmacist back in 1995 where he was promoted more times than he can remember. The reason for his career success was his ability to tap into his own brilliance and authenticity early on to make an impact that would shine upon others.

Kevin was often asked to be the liaison to work with some of the most challenging people within a team’s organization. He worked directly with them to quickly turn around negative or limiting behaviors with his profound communication skills.

After discovering that he had he was able to teach others how to tap into this ability as well, he formed Brilliance Leadership Academy. He now teaches others the skills that have impacted his personal and professional life so profoundly.

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